You know your language skills are poor when…

Lustica Peninsula Restaurant

The other day I sat down for a working lunch with our marina manager, Tony. I arrived before him in my usual fashion and ordered a Coca Cola (yes, I know, bad for you and full of sugar, but that is the subject of another posting). I told the usual server that there would be two of us for lunch.

Well, that translated into another Coca Cola being brought to the table for me. I apologized and explained that there were two people for lunch, not that I was having two sodas. Of course, I used my slow version of English and tried to use sign language and the three words of Montenegrin that I know.

The server took the glass away and brought it back without any ice in it. Obviously, I was completely hitting the mark linguistically by now!

Tony arrived and decided that he would have the Coke (without ice), so the dilemma was resolved. We ordered lunch and got caught up on work related topics. Then lunch arrived. In a to go bag. You have probably already guessed that we were staying there for lunch and neither of us knew what we had said to make the server think we were taking our order to go.

I thought you might like this glimpse into an hour of my linguistically challenged life! Bring on the humble pie.