What does Montenegro do to you?

Coming to Montenegro surprises you. Yesterday I was sitting with some clients who have become friends in the past year or so. They are from Salerno in the South of Italy. Itself a beautiful land which I remember summering in as a young adult. However, notwithstanding their stunning providence, they have become completely enchanted with Montenegro.

They recalled their first visit to the Bay of Kotor last autumn. It was one of those very wet days when the rain pours sideways, assisted by the strong winds that come with our winter storms. They said that, even on what most would consider a dreary day, they fell in love with Montenegro. They were not even sure why. It is difficult to articulate what gets you. I understood them though. It was today, three years ago, that I walked to the end of Jetty One at Porto Montenegro, turned around and looked back at the mountains, and fell in love. As you know, if you have been following my story here, my love affair has continued to this day.

This place grabs you; there is something magical in the air that casts a spell on you. They said that they felt free here. There was, they believed, more liberty to be yourself then back at home. I could understand them. Coming from Italy, which has been undergoing incredible fiscal and political changes recently, the difference in energy is palpable. For example, under this new regime of control, in Italy these days there are dogs at the airports sniffing for cash, not drugs, as you enter and leave the country.

What they enjoy about this place, is that it is not all “baked”. There are not rules and regulations for everything. Yes, things takes more time because there isn’t always a procedure in place, but it really does not matter.

It’s not just hot here because of Vanity Fair, Tatler, the Financial Times or even Fox News (today they finally picked up a story); it is genuinely and authentically magical!

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