The other day we received an inspired letter from a recent Canadian visitor to Porto Montenegro. The fresh perspective reminded me of the work at hand and how much has already happened in the last two years. I thought I would share a paragraph of that letter with you:

“…I am not sure what any of us anticipated when we arrived at the marina but what we saw was truly an awesome place.  We all concluded that it must be very satisfying for you that your dreams do not exceed your grasp.  The project is extraordinary.  The site is perfect.  The entire layout is going to make your marina one of the great marinas in the world.  The people you have working for you are wonderful.  They took us around the entire place.   We were not surprised to know that your vision would be as grand as it is but, nonetheless, we just cannot say enough about what you are creating in Montenegro.

You have to be very proud of what you have accomplished. The foresightedness you have shown will, undoubtedly, make this marina one of the great places to go in the world…”

That foresight which Mr. Peter Munk had has laid the groundwork for developers like the Orascom Group, the Quatari Diar Group and others like the Aman and Banyon Tree Resorts to plan and build visions of their own in this beautiful secret garden we now call home.