Superyachts to Meandering Cows

Recently I went on a business trip to London. It was for the World Superyacht Awards at Guild Hall in the City. It had been a few months since I was in there and I enjoyed the busy, vibrant international capital. The heat wave made it exceptional. The evening was like the Academy Awards for yachts; red carpet, black tie, 500 attendees, and numerous categories from Best New Designer to Best Superyacht over 35 meters.

Predator on Jetty One

We all flew home on British Airways into Dubrovnik Airport. It was such a contrast to the Heathrow which seems to be a city unto itself. There were no tunnels, trains, moving walkways, busses and thousands of people coming and going to all ends of the earth. Just a landing strip and a simple modern terminal.

What as fantastic about landing in Dubrovnik this time was the fact that it felt like coming home. The temperature was in the mid 20s and after a short walk on the tarmac, you picked up your luggage and you were outside at the car. Everything was so simple.

What was a real “coming home” moment though was arriving at the border crossing between Montenegro and Croatia. There amongst the white police Land Rovers, customs guards and passing travellers was a big cow strolling through the activity as if she was perfectly undisturbed by the official nature of her surroundings.

To my list of road friendly dogs and cats I must now add cows. It Just like the first night I arrived here in Montenegro last August. The taxi driver was zipping through the mountain roads down to the coast and a cow standing in the middle of the road in the dark came into the headlights. It really did feel like I had come full circle with a cow at each end. I guess that culture shock can last less than a year… thus the change to the name of my blog.

As for my other furry friends around the house, you will be pleased to know that they are all well. Jessie had her babies and is now back to her road routine; completely ambivalent to the cars zooming past her. From the cat gang, Smoke had a baby and Pieter called her Soot, but we have not seen her around for a few days.

Our project is progress well. There are 500 workers on the site and the first homeowners take possession next month. Amazing how time flies. Last August there was barely a hole in the ground!