Summer at Verige Beach

Summer at Verige Beach is epic. The Bay of Kotor is well known for all the little beach clubs that open during the summer season. Like mushrooms they pop up at the beginning of June, then they disappear at the end of September.

There are beach clubs for your every mood. Purobeach if you want to be in the middle of the action and fashionable even in your swim trunks; Almara Beach Club at Lustica Bay if you still feel like being fashionable, but don’t want to be in the middle of it all. If you want drinks only, there is a little place called Verona Beach just to the South of Tivat. Very relaxed, but you have to put up with the occasional airplane taking off just above you as the beach sits near the end of the runway. Of course there is aways Pirate Bar if you find yourself over in Perast.

Then there is my new favorite place, just discovered this summer, Verige Beach (pronounced very-gay, but it really isn’t) which is a few minutes past the Lepetane Ferry to the North of Tivat.


Verige Beach from the Water


I must have driven or boated by this place a hundred times in the past few years. I always said to myself that I needed to check it out. Nestled under the Kotor Bay road at the narrow entrance to the bay. You can easily spend the day watching boats go by; catching up on your reading; chatting with friends; swimming and lying in the shade. The staff are incredibly nice; prices won’t break the bank; the food, cooked outside behind the bar, is simple and delicious; the music selection is always perfect: relaxed in the morning and gradually increasing in pace in the later afternoon as children and families migrate home, leaving the place a little more ready for a party. Best of all, it is only a few minute drive from home.

Whichever time of day you go, Verige Beach will not disappoint. I only wish I had discovered it earlier. There are so many other places around here that I have been saying the same thing about: “one of these days, I have to try that place”. I have said it countless times about Bigova Bay. That will be the next place to explore!

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