Transforming Montenegro: Then and Now; what has changed in Radovici?

Transformation in Montenegro is happening. Sometimes though change can be subtle… you drive by something you usually take for granted, or walk by a familiar place, and have to take a second look; you notice that something small has changed… that happened to me this week. When I first arrived in Montenegro and was exploring the “neighbourhood” around me, I found an enchanting village called Radovici which sits at the top of the Lustica Peninsula; the piece of land that protects the Bay of Kotor from the open Adriatic Sea. At the time, the scenery was reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside; soft rolling hills; old stone houses and church steeples marking the surrounding territory.

On that first visit, I took the snapshot below of the local fire station. At the time I thought it was pretty cool. A relic from another era. It did not inspire a whole lot of faith in their ability to fight fires. The peninsula was large; full of old growth olive groves and single lane roads.

Radovic Fire Station 2009

Driving through Radovici yesterday, on my now habitual excursion to the Almara Beach Club at Lustica Bay, I noticed a their shiny new fire truck in the spot that the 60s era version had occupied before. In fact they now have three and there are firemen manning them! The old one that I photographed has now retired to the other side of the street.

Radovici Fire Station 2012

Expanded Fire Station

When I first began writing this blog, I wanted it to be a journal of the transformation occurring here in Montenegro. So, here is glimpse into the small changes that can sometimes go un-noticed. Brand new firetrucks. Another testimony to the evolution from that was then to this is now.

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