In the Comfort Zone

Home, Sweet

It has been two and a half years since my last post here.

Since 2009 we had lived here permanently (my first blog post is here), but we moved to London in the summer of 2015 to work on new projects. Since then, our ‘life in Montenegro’ has, unfortunately, been sporatic. London work and family matters got in the way of anything more than a short annual check in on our house that was feeling, and looking, more and more neglected (that has since been remediated with a top to bottom renovation).

Kotor from the water

Photograph by Colin Kingsmill

Last week I returned for a more extended stay, and fell in love with the place and its people all over again –  as I did in the summer of 2009. I am spending the summer season here getting reacquainted with friends, places and traditions like the annual family patron saint slava celebration found in the region. It’s not quite summer yet, but the temperature is already in the mid-20s celsius, so after three London winters it definitely feels like summer, even in April. Tomorrow is going to be a brilliant 27 degrees!

“The sea air, the sunshine and warm weather combined with a slower pace of life have been the perfect
post-London-winter tonic.”

Returning after this extended break has been wonderful. The sea air, the sunshine and warm weather combined with a slower pace of life have been the perfect post-London-winter tonic. With old friends it feels like no time at all has gone by.

Steps to our first apartment in Kotor

Photograph by Colin Kingsmill

No caption needed

Photograph by Colin Kingsmill

There seems to have been lots of progress in the past couple of years: new roads; new entrepreneurial ventures; new hotels; new investors and much more. Thankfully, the place still retains its charm with the general absence of global brands. I will have the summer to explore and report back to you.

I do know that a lot has changed since that September 6th morning when I walked up these steps to my accommodations in Kotor and started a whole new life in the country.

Some things have stayed the same… like tobacco brands ability to advertise in public.

I plan to open up this blog to other local contributors who would like to tell the story of their experiences in this beautiful little country on the Adriatic. As it settles into NATO membership and continues with the EU accession process, there are many more expats here than when we first arrived. It would be great if they also told the story of their road from culture shock to comfort zone.