Cat food and Cashiers

Last night my colleague Beckett said that there are stories to tell every day in this new land. Stories of small and large differences, funny and odd experiences that we, as foreigners, are all having here. I think that was a sign to keep this blog window open all the time and take note of the all the things along the way that are worth documenting as we learn to live and work alongside this emerging country’s journey.

His remark brought me right back to my first blog posting about ink-jet printers and the speed of things here. Yesterday, on a mundane trip to the local market, I was reminded that not everything is moving a the break neck speed of the construction on our site.

The speed of things and, for some reason cats, seem to be recurring themes here. Yesterday when purchasing cat food for ours, and not for Mamma Fudge’s dumpster gang, I had a relapse into my habit of impatience. We bought about forty cans of the same brand and exactly the same flavour and brought them to the cashier. She promptly scanned each and every single can; one at a time. About 15 scans into it, I tried to explain that scanning one can and keying in a multiple of 40 would get you to the same amount in about a 10th of the time. My (lack of) language skills and her devotion to getting it right, prohibited that from happening.

The lesson here I guess is balance. On the one hand we are finishing 29 homes, building the next 45 apartments, constructing jetties for 100 new yacht berths, opening a 50m over-water pool and doing all of the ancillary sales and marketing work around these efforts. All of this is happening by this July, so the pace is intense to say the least. The trick is to leave the office and be able adjust to, and appreciate, the calmer environment that surrounds me.