Apples and Oranges

A few postings ago I told you about my Montenegrin language skills and how they were not progressing very well. It seems that, after almost a year, I am still not doing that well even if my vocabulary has increased significantly.

The first example of my lack of progress came in the form of a request for an empty glass. You see, we have this lovely local lady in our office that brings us coffee or tea. In the morning before you arrive she leaves you an orange juice and when you get to your desk she brings your favourite kind of coffee. Simply wonderful. Well, the other morning, conscious of the fact that it is now 35 degrees during the day, I asked her for an empty glass which I thought I would keep filling at the water fountain.

What I received was a water bottle full of orange juice. I had to capture the picture for you.

Orange Juice and More

The second example came this week when we were in the capital city Podgorica. There is an Apple Premium Retailer there that we were looking for. They had moved, but we could not figure out the address. We just knew the general vicinity. So we popped into a little donut shop to ask where the Apple store was. The nice little guy across the counter said – in his very broken English – that the apple donuts would be ready in 15 minutes. So between our broken Montenegrin and his broken English we at least knew we were talking about apples. We could not bring ourselves to tell him that we were talking about a store that sells laptops and iPads… so we hung out until the apple donuts were ready.

I suppose that starting with apples and oranges is already a small bit of progress! Now I just have to start learning the verbs, adverbs and grammar! I will keep you posted.